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Where is Tsushima shi (Tsushima City)?

The Location of Tsushima shi (Tsushima City)?
Tsushima is a long and narrow island, located in the Sea of Japan. The island extends about 82km north to south, and about 18km east to west. The north side faces toward the Korean Peninsula across the West Channel of Tsushima Strait, and the south side faces Iki Island and the main island of Kyushu across the East Channel of Tsushima Strait.

It is located between lat 34°42’ and 34°5’ N, which is same as between Osaka and Wakayama. Longitude is between 129°30’ and 129°10’ E, which is quite same as Saga prefecture.

There is a 915km rias coastline that has deeply indented inlets. Dense forests amount to 89% of the whole island, and range to the coast. Asowan (Aso Bay) is located in the middle of the island as if it splits Tsushima into north and south. Various sizes of inlets and islands make a complicated phase, and hence, it is one of attractive tourist resorts for fishing.

Incidentally, it is 138km from Tsushima to Fukuoka by the sea route, and it is 49.5km from Tsushima to Pusan in Korea, which is less than half of the distance between Tsushima and Fukuoka. Mountains and buildings in the Korean Peninsula can be seen from the west side of Tsushima on a sunny day. Because of such a geographical feature, Tsushima has been playing an important role for an interchange with a continent since the early days.

Area of Tsushima City
Tsushima City is the third biggest island with an area of 708.66km2, following after Sado and Amamioshima. It is 17.3% of the whole area of Nagasaki Prefecture.